Sea the Future

Marine Science Mentorship Program

Program Goals

  • Spark interest in marine science topics and careers

  • Provide a unique and accessible science experience

  • Program mentees watch a whale from the deck of a boat

    Inspire lifelong environmental and ocean awareness

  • Foster connections with marine science experts

Program Details

  • Mentors are UCSB graduate students and researchers with expertise in ocean sciences such as ecology, biology, chemistry, oceanography, and data science.
  • Sessions at the local junior high consist of a marine science lesson and activity, one-on-one time for mentors and mentees to dive deeper into marine science interests, and pizza!
  • Local field trips are taken every other month and are designed to complement the topics covered in the monthly sessions.
  • Sea the Future is completely free – all expenses are covered for all participants.

Apply Today!

To learn more, please look at our informational flyer or contact us. To apply for the 2023-2024 cohort, please complete an application and submit to your science teacher by September 12, 2023.