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Unlocking the real potential of scaling “Blue Carbon” projects to mitigate climate change – powered by a hybrid model of technology & surf culture

Posted by Michael Stewart | California, United States

The problem we see is immediate and easy to understand. As the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (IPCC Oct 8th, 2018) makes clear, climate change impacts are wreaking havoc on our global oceans and coastal ecosystems, and we have until ~2030 to avoid a global climate catastrophe by exceeding 1.5 °C of Global Warming.

The Blue Carbon Initiative defines "Blue Carbon" is the carbon stored in the coastal and marine ecosystems, which are 5X more effective at sequestering carbon-dioxide than typical forests on land. Mangrove forests account for 50% of the carbon sequestered in coastal sediments. They also provide crucial habitat for ocean ecosystems, and act as nurseries for fish and invertebrates that inhabit coral reefs. Unfortunately, Mangrove forests are being cleared at an alarming rate. Over 50% of mangroves have been lost in the last 50 years, and currently account for 10% of world’s CO2 emissions from deforestation.

Given all this, we believe one of most immediate solutions available is also very easy to see as well. We need to restore and regenerate the resiliency of coastal wetlands projects by planting and protecting mangrove forests as fast as possible around the globe.

Coastal Wetlands projects ( aka "Blue Carbon") have been identified by teams of global experts as a critical component of the “Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming” , that can erase the negative impacts caused by global climate change on our ocean planet.

“Forest protection, and tropical and temperate forest restoration together, are the most powerful solutions available to address global warming.” – P. 111 from the book DRAWDOWN: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming / Edited by Paul Hawken

So what obstacles has been keeping this critical solution from already being implemented?

Two things stand out to us. First, It has been hard to do at scale, it takes too long, and is too expensive. Second, the financial resources have not been widely available to support Blue Carbon projects.

And we see a way to solve both of those problems. First, by supporting the use of automated "drone" planting , being pioneered right now by a tech firm call Bio-Carbon Engineering . Secondly, by unlocking the financial resources of individuals to support Blue Carbon projects through the engaging lens of "surfing culture" and the use of Blockchain technology.

To that end, we aim to launch a project called SeaTrees – as an engaging consumer facing online digital portal/website – where individuals, brands and organizations can go to quickly calculate their current climate impact; and then become “Climate Positive”, by paying to plant & protect mangrove trees in a qualified Blue Carbon project.

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