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Restoration of pots and eelgrass beds

Posted by aiko Toyota | Yamaguchi, Japan

In addition to marine debris, there are other problems facing the ocean in our neighborhood.
In addition to marine debris, there is a decrease in fish catches due to changes in the ecosystem caused by global warming, and a decrease in seaweed beds, but I think that the restoration of seaweed beds is an issue that is easier to tackle in this area surrounded by the ocean. I am volunteering to make pots for octopus to lay their eggs in for fishing. We use old machines to shape the pots and burn a lot of wood in an ancient kiln to make 4,500 unglazed pots at a time. This kiln is protected as a cultural asset. However, this method of production is contrary to the current era of zero carbon. But we want to keep this historically valuable kiln in operation and pass it on. I think the dilemma of inheriting culture and preserving the environment is a problem that can occur in any region. So, if we are going to burn large amounts of wood to use the kiln, we need to neutralize the amount of carbon dioxide emitted at that time, and also think of activities that we can contribute to the ocean with what we produce. Eelgrass absorbs and stores carbon dioxide, purifies water, protects ecosystems, and preserves coastlines, all of which will benefit our lives. We are looking for the possibility of using this pot as a fish reef and regenerating seaweed beds, so that we can solve both cultural inheritance and environmental protection at the same time. This pot is made of soil and will not affect the environment even if it is in the sea. Please lend me your help.

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