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Educate our younger generation about ocean litter

Posted by Ian McLaren | South Carolina, United States

Myriad suggestions exist on how to address the ever growing problem of plastic litter in our oceans, and in our everyday lives. Many of these focus on recyclable/reusable/compostable materials for the plastic that pervades our everyday lives.
But one area that has received only minimum attention is the effective education of our younger generations about the problems, and consequences, of litter resulting from careless human behavior, much of which ends up in our oceans.

In her 2012 book "Sullie Saves the Seas", my wife Goffinet introduced Sullie Seagull as the new global icon for clean oceans. "Sullie Saves the Seas", is a humorously written fable, with appeal to 5-12 year-olds, that carries an embedded environmental message about the destructive impact of plastic litter on marine life. The foreword is by Capt Charles Moore, who first discovered what is now known as "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch."

Although self-published, and with little to no marketing support, the book has received glowing compliments from readers, parents and school teachers in multiple countries.

However, with the benefit of the marketing expertise and the environmental focus that is at the core of the Salesforce business, we feel that Sullie Seagull`s adventures could provide a much more widespread, appealing, humorous, yet educational, tool for our younger generations.

This communication asks for an opportunity to explore how the Benioff Ocean Initiative might expand Sullie`s reach to a much wider, indeed global, audience.

For a quick "Look Inside" at Sullie`s adventures just click on the amazon link below. Or we will be pleased to forward copies of "Sullie" for review as you might suggest.
Ian McLaren, PhD

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